VOID is the first game in development to exploit GENESIS, Point Defect's massively multiplayer multi-game universe. VOID will itself encompass many games, starting with space trading and prospecting. All of the GENESIS games share the underlying world, and actions in one game will have consequences in others, for a truly engaging gaming experience.

As the games expand to take advantage of the universe, the interactions between them will enrich them, while the underlying physical and economic model of the universe ensures overall balance.

VOID players will be able to build spacecraft to explore the vast universe for fun or to sell the sensor data; trade between inhabited worlds, space stations, and other ships; build their own mining and manufacturing operations; prey on other ships as pirates; and many other possible careers.

Future GENESIS games will explore colonising, invading and managing habitable planets, establishing and defending interstellar empires, building infrastructure such as wormhole networks, stellar engineering, vanity terraforming, and gratuitious violence.